The Wicklewood heritage

The site of the game where you arrived by your own will, was the apartment of Lord Wickelwood who spent his last years in Budapest..

Lord Wickelwood was a real adventurer, maybe the last one from his profession who dedicated all of his life to find lost treasures all around the world.

Novels and movies were about lots of treasure hunters and adventurers, but not many know the most famous ones were based on Him.

At the dawn of his life he became very sad that no one does this beautiful profession anymore and he remained alone with the treasures undiscovered.

So once he decided that he transformed his apartment to a site of real adventures and invited the most brave and smartest people who in case of completing the incredible riddles of Him can enter in the marvelous world of the adventurers and continue their work.

In the meantime Lord Wickelwood passed away but his place with the riddles and puzzles remained for You dear adventurers to test yourselves. For those who can escape from the room of Lord Wickelwood, nothing will be impossible, and they can decide whether they return to their ordinary life or start a new one...